Fascia and Soffit Specifications

We consider Cork Plastics to manufacture the best Roofline system available and accordingly we only use these products. They produce a consistently high standard of product which is well finished and has reliability built in. They match the colour of ‘Dulux/Crown brilliant white paint’ and have a high gloss finish.

Fascia boards are a substantial 18mm and Soffit boards are 10mm in thickness and are all solid in construction. Don’t accept thinner boards because in time these will not support the weight of the tiles above. Don’t accept thicker boards because these are more suited to commercial premises.

Back in 2003 we carried out some ‘in house’ testing to determine performance and colour stability, with boards undergoing Ultra-Violet exposure to simulate the ageing process. Since then our customers have all benefited from Cork Plastics products and viewing these houses today leaves you in no doubt of the quality of these materials.

Rain-Water Systems

Since 1999 we have chosen to use FloPlast rainwater products as we are impressed by the accuracy of the moulding and the high gloss finish. FloPlast manufacture high impact PVC-u guttering in Traditional Half Round & Square Line along with a Hi capacity round profile together with a wide range of fittings & adaptors. Central to any gutter performance is the seal, the FloPlast systems incorporate a wide substantial seal which we believe can only enhance and lengthen the performance of the product.

Hi-capacity Drains 112 Sq m of roofSquare-line Drains 82 Sq m of roofHi-capacity Drains 112 Sq m of roof

Fascia ventilation system

Building regulations dictate that a ventilation system is implemented to increase the airflow through the roofspace as increased ventilation will inhibit the spread of damp. We use a premium ventilation system, which fully conforms to all regulation and is totally maintenance free.

Vermin Guard

Undesirable visitors frequent the outer edges of your loft – gaining entry underneath the tiles. We use a vermin guard, which fits between the top of the fascia board and the underneath of the tiles stopping the entry of birds and other creatures.


We only use the highest quality of fixings and fix our Fascia & Soffit boards with special A4 Marine Grade stainless steel fixings unique to us. This helps ensure against rust staining from rain reacting with normal steel pins used to fix boards.

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